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You can select from lots of no download slot machines in all online flash casinos that we recommend on our website. All flash casinos we recommend have different types of slot games.

You will find a plethora of great flash casino games with very realistic graphics and sounds that will impress even the most jaded of gamblers. As with any casino, the slot games are among the most popular, and there are several categories of flash online slots that you can pick from.

No Download Slots - Flash Slot Games

Slot can mainly be seperated in one arm bandits and video slots.

Video Slots are using computer graphics. If you push a button the graphics look like as they was spinning like the reels of a one armed bandit.
Actually all slot machines in online casinos are video slots because they use graphics not real reels but armed bandits in online casinos show the typical lever.

Bonus flash slots
can be any amount of paylines and reels and have a Bonus Round feature added. The Bonus slots feature allows you a chance to win additional credits and in some online slots it awards you free spins.

Progressive Flash Slots games
have a progressively climbing jackpot that is tied to other flash casinos in the same group, when the jackpot is hit in one no downlod casino then the game resets to the starting point in all the casinos in that group. These flash slots can be any amount of paylines and reels.

Multi Line Flash Casino Slots
are games with more than one payline, they can have any amount of reels. These usually have a special feature such as a Bonus Round or a Free Spin Feature.

Single Line No Download Slots
are the traditional slots with one payline and three reels. These no download slot games can have Bonus Rounds, Free Spins and can also be Progressive Jackpot slots with no download required.

Your search for the best flash online slots games has come to an end right here. We have all the flash casinos listed that you'll ever want or need, and they come with our highest recommendations.


History of Slots

A precursor of the slots was a machine developed by Sittman and Pitt New York which was based on Poker. It contained 5 drums including 50 card faces. After inserting a nickel which spinned the drums the player was hoping for a good hand of Poker.
The first slots machine was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey of California. This one arm bandit had 3 reels, each with 5 symbols horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a liberty bell. The liberty bell gave the first slot machine it's name "Liberty Bell".
The first video slot was invented by WMS industries.






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